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Bra-zilian Woman Saved by Lingerie

Cash in her bra absorbed a bullet



    Bra-zilian Woman Saved by Lingerie
    A Brazilian woman can thank "the girls" for saving her life.

    This bra gave its wearer some serious life support.

    A Brazilian woman struck by a stray bullet lived because she had stuffed her bra with cash, the UK's Daily Telegraph reported.

    Ivette Pereira, 58, from the northern state of Bahia was traveling Saturday in a local Brazilian town when her bus was held up by two armed robbers. A shootout began when the robbers began to steal money and police arrived on the scene.

    A retired police sergeant was killed in the attacks.

    But when an errant bullet struck Pereira's chest, a wad of about $67 in Brazilian reals nestled in her bra absorbed most of the impact, sparing her life cops said.

    Pereira was still taken to the hospital to have the bullet removed.