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Barbie Gets Inked Up



    Barbie Gets Inked Up
    Tattooed-up Barbie is getting some edge.

    This bad-to-the-bone Barbie's getting inked up.

    The virginal kiddie favorite, who will celebrate her 50th birthday this year, now comes with stick-on tattoos that mini rebels can use to give their dollies some edge.

    "Totally Stylin' Tattoos" Barbie comes with a tattoo gun that allows kids to stamp on their favorite pictures -- or gang signs -- and more than 40 stickable designs that can go anywhere on Barbie's body.

    The Mattel doll has already flown off the shelves in stores and on Mattel's Web site, but some parents say the tatted-up toy is too much for their kids.

    "I think it's attracting kids too young that want to expose parts of body to show off tattoos," Sacramento, Calif. parent Jen Alcayaga told Sacramento's KVOR-TV.

    Texas mother Lin Burress fumed on her parenting blog, Telling It Like It Is, that "Totally Pierced Barbie" would be next in line.

    Mattel released a pregnant doll of Barbie's friend Midge in 2002 that was quickly yanked from shelves after parents protested. The 1999 "Butterfly Barbie" had a permanent tattoo on her stomach, and a 1997 Harley-Davidson Barbie gave the doll an engine-revving motorcycle and leather get-up.

    Mattel said it had no plans to discontinue the "Totally Stylin' Tattoos" doll.