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A Kinkajou Walks Into a Bar ...



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    Wildlife Conservation Society
    This kinkajou went for the fun, and stayed for the peanuts.

    A new YouTube video about the Bronx Zoo hasn't quite reached viral status just yet, but is quirky and entertaining nonetheless.

    Taking a cue from the "Harry and Louise" health-care ads from the 1990s, the updated version called "Harry and Louis" was released Monday by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

    Harry and Louis: Restore City Funds

    The video won't likely be nominated for any awards, but as long as you've got animals in a human setting, laughter is likely to ensue.

    The Bronx Zoo's porcupine, named Wednesday, is joined by a kinkajou and an agouti at a bar hit so hard by the economy that most of the patrons are just animals who scurry in for the free peanuts.

    The WCS released the ad as part of its effort to get city funding restored for New York's 34 cultural institutions. Together the institutions face a reduction of $18 million in city operating support.