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Video Shows Passengers Fleeing to Safety in New York City Subway Attack

Cellphone video shows people screaming and scrambling to get off an N train with smoke filling the platform and bleeding people trying to get away

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New York City law enforcement officials are piecing together the sequence of a shooting in the New York City subway system Tuesday morning, partly through a video showing passengers scrambling to safety from a train where the attack began.

The video begins inside a N train pulling into a station in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood, and passengers bunched up against the door, apparently trying to get out as quickly as possible.

At least 10 people were shot, 5 critically, and at least 13 more injured in the chaos, according to police.

When the doors open at the at 36th Street and Fourth Avenue station, passengers hurry from the train, some screaming, as smoke pours onto the platform.

According to law enforcement, a man set off some sort of smoke device inside the the third car of the northbound train and started shooting, firing 33 times.

In the video, a wounded passenger is being helped off of the train, while other people flee toward the subway exit. Still others escape by jumping onto a waiting R train across the platform and taking it to the next station, aided by a quick-thinking transit worker.

At least 10 people of the 29 injured were shot, according to officials. NBC New York's Gus Rosendale reports.

The gunman was said to be wearing a gas mask and orange construction vest.

Police were searching for him in subway tunnels into Wednesday, based on reports from some witnesses that he might have jumped to the tracks. They were also combing through video footage from the subway system and the neighborhood.

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