Free Beer For Blogging (Tweeting and Facebooking, Too)

At the dawn of the Internet age, no one -- not even Al Gore -- suspected that one fine day you'd be able to get beer out of it. That fine day has come.

It might be hard to imagine while you are all running around Mad Menning yourselves to death, but the World Wide Web did not always exist. Someone actually had to invent it. Tim Berners-Lee is creditied with envisioning the global hypertext system, which allowed people to link from one site to another anywhere in the world. He came up with the idea in March of 1989 (so some people celebrate that date) and he thrust alt.hypertext on the world on August 6, 1991.

The good people at Black Bear Lodge, Whiskey River and Bull's Head Tavern would like to say, "Happy Birthday Internet. Here's to you, buddy. Have one on us." So all week long (until August 9) the bars are running a little something they call "Blog for Beer."

As the name implies, if you blog about the bars and link to their websites (OK, yes, the very post you are reading now is a shameless, shameless plea for free beer), you'll receive complimentary drinks. Once you've whored yourself by shilling for the bars, email the links to and shazaaam: Interwebs drink tickets come out the other end. They even make it easy on you and count Twitter and Facebook links.

See, the Web is good for more than surfing porn.

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