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Twitter Outage for Some, Slowness for Others



    Twitter Outage for Some, Slowness for Others
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    SAN FRANCISCO - APRIL 14: Attendees mingle during a break at the first annual Chirp, Twitter Developer's Conference April 14, 2010 in San Francisco, California. Chirp, the Twitter Devloper's Conference is a two day event for developers who work with the popular social networking service. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    The day after an election – when the Internet is abuzz with chatter — is a bad one for Twitter to have problems, but the microblogging site indeed said it was “experiencing site availability issues” including slowness and “errors” early Wednesday.

    Some users trying to log into the site were unable to, getting a message that Twitter was “over capacity … Too many tweets!”

    “We’re working to address these issues quickly,” Twitter said on its support page.

    “Users may notice that their timelines are updating slowly. All tweets (messages) will eventually be delivered.”

    To help stabilize the site, Twitter said, it is turning off some of the site's features including, "but not limited to," Twitter Search, photo uploads, RSS feeds and HoverCards.

    In what may be unrelated, Twitter announced Tuesday that it plans to start testing its own way of shortening Web site links posted by users to fit in the 140-character message limit. Various free services, such as and, now do this.

    But there have been problems with scammers using the shortened links to send those who click on them to phishing sites in order to obtain personal information or to trigger a computer virus.