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Facebook 2013 Year in Review: Football Dominated

Are you ready for some football? NFL Super Bowl was the most talked about topic in 2013.



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    'Tis the season for Facebook's annual "Year in Review." Facebook released the metrics on the biggest trends and moments that dominated your news feed for 2013.

    Want a snapshot of your most popular Facebook posts? Facebook released its 2013 Year in Review, which not only creates a personalized page of your top 20 posts, but also highlights the biggest moments and celebrities that blew up on people's news feeds.

    In 2012, the presidential election was the most talked about topic in the U.S. This year, it was the 2013 Super Bowl. The 34-minute delay due to a blackout at the Louisiana Superdome certainly helped the cause.

    Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was the most talked about person on Facebook.

    "Sporting events do get a lot of engagement on Facebook," Robert D'Onofrio, data editor for Facebook, told NBC News. "During the first week of the NFL, 30 million people generated over 60 million interactions on Facebook."

    Here's a look at some of the other moments that mattered most to people on Facebook:

    Top Life Event: Cupid drawing back his bow is always a life changer. Adding a relationship, getting married, or got married were the top trending life events on Facebook for 2013.

    Top Check-Ins Around the World: Disneyland may very well be the happiest place on Earth. The Disneyland resort in Anaheim, Calif., was the most checked-in place in the United States on Facebook for 2013.

    Most Talked About Topics Around the World: Once white smoke emerged from the papal conclave, we had ourselves a new pope. Pope Francis was the most talked about person in the world on Facebook in 2013.

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