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A Siri-Powered Apple HDTV Could Come 2013

TV would let you use voice control to change channels, stream shows



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    The New York Times wrote today that an Apple TV set is definitely coming in the next couple of years, and it'll have a super-simple interface that uses Siri to let you control it by simply speaking.

    Based on a number of anonymous tips from inside and outside Apple, it sounds like an Apple-powered TV could be announced in about a year for sale in 2013.

    It would use the voice control to let you say something like "play the latest episode of Modern Family" without having to use a cumbersome remote to navigate through a series of menus. It'd be Internet-connected, and would let you watch live TV as well as streaming options.

    Clearly, it's still in the planning/designing/building phases, but it's excited to know that it's somewhere on the horizon.

    Via NY Times

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