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Get Rid of Graffiti, Road Problems With Your iPhone



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    The creators of a Web site to fix community problems created an app to let you see, click and fix on the fly.

    If you want to report a problem in your neighborhood, there's an app for that. 

    SeeClickFix, is a Web site dedicated to people in communities across the world reporting and resolving issues throughout their cities. Thursday, it launched a free iPhone application to help people document ways residents want their communities to be fixed.

    Its creators say it's custom made for today's ever-changing technology. 

    "It's been on the drawing board since day one,"  SeeClickFix creator Ben Berkowitz told the New Haven Register.

    "We're really excited about this release that Kam (Lasater, the software engineer) has been working away on for the past few months," the company posted on its blog. "We want to make it as easy as possible to engage in fixing up your community and we know that allowing you to interact with SeeClickFix while you're out in your neighborhood will help you document more ways you want your community fixed."

    Berkowitz and two others created SeeClickFix in 2007 in New Haven to bring attention to graffiti on Berkowitz's neighbor's building.

    The Web site has expanded to communities around the world and allows residents to report issues in the community from speeders, to drug deals to streets in need of repair.

    Users can log onto the site to report the problems and upload digital photos or video as proof.

    The addition of the iPhone app allows users to report issues while on the go. Version 1.2 will be coming soon and it will allow users to vote, comment and close issues.