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GoDaddy's Servers, 1,000s of Sites Down

Anonymous Own3r claims responsibility for taking down site registrar.



    GoDaddy's Servers, 1,000s of Sites Down
    Danika Patrick, spokesperson for GoDaddy, is on the site's home page. The site's ads often spike some controversy, though that's not why Anonymous Own3r said he hacked the site.

    As GoDaddy goes, so go thousands of websites.  And, at the moment, they're all down.

    The world's largest site registrar and its servers are down, dragging down some of the web with it.

    Rumors of a hacker attack are echoing through the ether, too, according to Mashable.

    One tweet from Anonymous' security leader, Anonymous Own3r, claims sole responsibility for the attack" "@wordwhacker nah it's not Anonymous coletive the attack is coming just from me".

    The (difficult to confirm but seemingly) main Anonymous Twitter handle tweeted its support of the outage.

    Anonymous Own3r told another user on Twitter, "I'm not a lammer dude, did u see my attack to facebook last time? they can't ever know where it came from."

    Another user expresses that he'd be upset if the hack weren't so "epic."

    Hacker News is reporting that GoDaddy's phone support system is also down. One commenter on Hacker News offers the following:

    If you are using GoDaddy for anything, you deserve what you get. If you are using GoDaddy for not just registration but also for DNS, I would just fix it as soon as possible and not tell anyone.


    Also, do backups, use good password practices, and everything else that everyone knows and the lazy will still fail to do.

    Oh, 20 seconds in and a downvote. I can take them, I didn't ignore the last 8 problems GoDaddy has been responsible for lately and am not hurting from this outage.

    No word on when GoDaddy will be back online or how it will respond to the outage.