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Facebook Funder Linked to ACORN Sting

Videos of young couple posing as sex workers getting financial advice made possible by a generous handout



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    David Orban
    Peter Thiel may hate the government, but he's happy to give handouts as well.

    In the world of far-right libertarian economics, altruism is considered a sin.

    However, that didn't stop billionaire ideologue Peter Thiel, who minted his fortune as a cofounder of PayPal and investor in Facebook, from giving "about $10,000" after being approached by provocateur James O'Keefe.

    That money, and other funds from the Leadership Institute, a conservative think-tank, was used to film a number of stunts, from surprising taxpayers with bills for the bank bailout to offering Planned Parenthood donations, but with racist intent.

    O'Keefe is best known for posing as a pimp and getting advice from activist organization ACORN on how to launder money for a home and claim sex slaves as dependents for tax purposes.

    The information belies O'Keefe's stated claim that he's an entirely independent operator and simple concerned citizen.

    Instead, he appears to be leeching off the wealth of others in order to fund his attacks on organizations that help the poor and disenfranchised.

    But then, terrible pimp outfits don't buy themselves.

    Photo by David Orban.

    Jackson West figures Thiel's a sucker if he didn't get any equity from his angel funding.