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When LOLs Kill: AT&T Launches Campaign Against Texting While Driving

AT&T launches campaign against texting while driving



    With a mini documentary titled, “The Last Text,” AT&T set in motion their “It Can Wait Campaign” combating the issue of texting and driving.

    The documentary features the personal stories of people whose lives were destroyed because of an accident caused by driving while texting. Close to 6,000 people died in texting and driving incidents in 2008 according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and half a million people were injured. 

    Just earlier this month, a Brooklyn teen was charged in a deadly accident that authorities say was related to texting while driving.

    Oprah took on the cause last year with the “No Phone Zone” pledge, utilizing her talkshow as a platform to draw national attention to the issue. AT&T is the first phone company to take on the issue.

    The 10-minute documentary pulls at the heart strings featuring stories from a sister, a mother, and one young man who is still haunted by the “lol” text he sent that killed a cyclist.

    Another personal account features the sister of a girl named Ashley, and even though she did not physically crash her sister’s car, she still feels responsible.

    “People will tell you over and over again, its not your fault but knowing you were the person that she was talking to when she was killed… having a highway patrol officer write in a report that a text message sent at 12:05 is the reason that she is dead is not something that will ever go away. “

    Young people often pride themselves on the ability to multi-task making them the prime victims in driving incidents across the country. Studies show texting while driving can be as dangerous as drinking and driving, both have an equal effect on the driver’s ability to focus and react.

    Just over 10,000 people have signed the It Can Wait pledge on the official campaign site: http://itcanwait.att.com/