Google Aug 4

Google Partners With ADT on Home Security Products

Google is paying $450 million for a nearly 7% stake in longtime home and business security provider ADT Inc., a deal that will open new opportunities for one of the internet’s most powerful comp...

  • United States Oct 5, 2019

    NASA Sets 1st All-Female Spacewalk After Suit Flap in Spring

    The first all-female spacewalk is back on, six months after a suit-sizing flap led to an embarrassing cancellation.

  • California Oct 5, 2019

    At TechCrunch Disrupt Conference, Startups Take Aim at Modernizing Old Industries

    The name says it all: TechCrunch Disrupt is a conference for entrepreneurs looking to bring disruptive change to an industry, using all the tools of Silicon Valley. In past years, the San Francisco edition of the Disrupt conference has seen a flurry of activity around nascent fields of technology: virtual and augmented reality, robotics, and the sm...
  • New York City Oct 4, 2019

    French Bulldog Owners Sue Dog Walking Company Over Pet's Death

    The owners of a 10 1/2-year-old French bulldog are suing a West Hollywood-based dog walking company after their pet was run over by an SUV in March and later died of its injuries, allegedly due to the inattentiveness of its walker.

  • NBC Oct 3, 2019

    Tiktok Bans Political and Advocacy Advertising From Its Platform

    TikTok announced Thursday that it is banning all political ads, a move that sets it apart from other social media platforms that have become destinations for political ad dollars, NBC News reports. TikTok is a smartphone app in which users can capture short videos of themselves, usually lip syncing or dancing to popular songs. The app has attracted...
  • Facebook Oct 4, 2019

    US Authorities Seek Access to Facebook Encrypted Messaging

    U.S. Attorney General William Barr and other U.S., U.K. and Australian officials are pressing Facebook to give authorities a way to read encrypted messages sent by ordinary users, re-igniting tensions between tech companies and law enforcement. Facebook’s WhatsApp already uses so-called end-to-end encryption, which locks up messages so that even Fa...
  • judge Oct 3, 2019

    US House Panel Taps Defunct Startup for Facebook Files

    A U.S. congressional committee has requested a trove of internal Facebook documents that the company’s critics say will demonstrate how the social media giant unfairly leveraged its market dominance to crush or absorb competitors. The request by the House Judiciary Committee comes amid a flurry of new antitrust investigations of technology giants, ...
  • Facebook Oct 3, 2019

    EU Court: Facebook Can Be Forced to Remove Content Worldwide

    The European Union’s highest court ruled Thursday that individual member countries can force Facebook to remove what they regard as unlawful material from the social network all over the world — a decision experts say could hinder free speech online and put a heavy burden on tech companies.

  • CEO Oct 1, 2019

    UPS Gets Government Approval to Become a Drone Airline

    UPS has won government approval to operate a nationwide fleet of drones, which will let the company expand deliveries on hospital campuses and move it one step closer to making deliveries to consumers. Many regulatory obstacles remain, however, before UPS — or other operators who are testing drones — can fill the sky over cities and suburbs with dr...
  • Oct 1, 2019

    US Court: FCC Had the Right to Dump Net-Neutrality Rules

    The Federal Communications Commission can dump rules that keep internet providers from favoring some services over others, but couldn’t bar states like California from enacting their own prohibitions, a federal court ruled. While Tuesday’s ruling handed Trump-appointed regulators a partial victory, consumer advocates and other groups vi...
  • United States Feb 25

    ‘WeRescue' App Allows For Pet Adoption on Your Phone

    Prospective pet owners can now choose the furry friend they want without having to leave their home. Five years after it first launched, the adoption app WeRescue has expanded its reach across the U.S. and in Canada, and has hundreds of thousands of pets available for adoption at over 3,000 rescue organizations. “We pull in data from all these diff...
  • Arizona Dec 6, 2019

    Apple Releases Fix for the FaceTime Eavesdropping Exploit

    Apple just released iOS 12.1.4 which includes a fix for a group FaceTime bug that let people eavesdrop on conversations even if they never answered a call. The bug went viral last week after a 14-year old discovered that, while group FaceTiming with friends on his iPhone, he was able to hear someone who hadn’t picked up when he called.......
  • Daylight Saving Time Mar 4

    The History of Daylight Saving Time

    Every spring we set our clocks forward an hour, and every fall we set them back, but why? Before you “spring forward” an hour this weekend, learn the real story behind Daylight Saving Time.

  • New York Nov 30, 2019

    Elon Musk Says He Has Approval to Build NY-DC Hyperloop

    New York to Washington in 29 minutes? Elon Musk says it’s possible and he has the government’s approval to do it.

  • United States Feb 13

    ‘Tell Me What the Reality Looks Like': Trying to Stop Suicides as Social Media Explodes

    When Dese’Rae Stage interviews survivors of suicide attempts for a website she created, she asks herself a question news reporters may not always consider: How much did it hurt? A survivor herself, she wants to be sure that readers of her website “Live Through This” come away with a real picture of suicide — no romance, no facile ...
  • Feb 24

    Robotic Dog Does Dishes, Plays Fetch

    A new robotic pup does a lot of things real dogs are known for; it’ll play fetch, hide under the dinner table and even clean up dirty dishes — only without the slobber.

  • Feb 24

    WATCH: Real Dog Meets Giant Robot Dog

    It’s dog versus machine. A video, created by Boston Dynamics, the Google-owned robotics company, shows an interaction between a small, real dog and the Spot robot, which looks like a tall, headless dog. “Come on, take him big dog,” a voice says in the video shot in a parking lot. But the real dog is not intimidated. It barks relen...
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