Yankees' Skipper Looks to the Future

Yankees’ Skipper Looks to the Future

No playoffs in 2008 for the New York Yankees. The Yankees don't like it. The fans don't like it. Management is not pleased. The manager is not happy. Yes, this is no way to start "the Joe Girardi era."

The Yankees Skipper wants C.C. Sabathia now. And he'll take A.J. Burnett -- and Derek Lowe, too.

It all begins with the starting rotation and "New Joe" believes the Yankees will get quality pitching during this free agent period.

Quality pitching is the wrong expression. "Expensive pitching" is what the Yankees are going to get. And losing is not an option for a team that missed the playoffs for the first time since 1994.

Moose is retired now. Joba is still a question mark (as a starter.) Wang is coming off an injury. Pettitte is in limbo. The Yankees need C.C. Sabathia in the worst way and I predict they will get him.

The Bronx Bombers "blew it" big-time by not getting Johan Santana last year. They will not make the same mistake again -- even if it takes $140 million over six years.
Skipper Joe Girardi was at the world famous Oyster Bar in Midtown for a charity event to benefit his Catch 25 Foundation and Alzheimer's Research.

I caught up with the field boss of the Yankees to talk about his philanthropic efforts -- and to discuss what moves the Yankees might make this off-season.

With the Bronx Bombers ready to spend millions for high-priced free-agent pitchers, Girardi weighs in on the prospects of acquiring Sabathia, Burnett and Lowe.

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