New York Yankees

Yankees Fans Go Viral for Incredible Reactions to Squirrel Running Along Outfield Fence

The fan reactions appeared to range from awestruck to terrified to amused

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The stars of the New York Yankees' win over the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday night were Aaron Judge, Anthony Volpe and...a squirrel.

Before Judge hit a game-tying home run in the ninth and Volpe delivered a walk-off sac fly in the 10th, a squirrel sparked a viral moment in the outfield seats at Yankee Stadium.

Some fans seated in the first row were left shocked as a squirrel ran along the top of the outfield fence. After darting past several people, the squirrel seemed to slip off the fence before landing on the warning track.

The fan reactions, which appeared to range from awestruck to terrified to amused, went viral. MLB's video of the hilarious scene had over nine million views on Twitter as of Wednesday evening.

A squirrel running along a fence isn't exactly an uncommon sight. But, in defense of the fans, it's probably not something they excepted to see directly in front of them at the ballpark.

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