In the Offseason, Wright Tries Not to Fixate on His Failures

David Wright says he believes "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger," so after two years and two September swoons, he must be feeling doubly strong.

The Mets need an attitude adjustment. Bringing in a winner like Manny Ramirez, even with all his baggage, would help.

I caught up with the Mets' third baseman at a midtown pub, where he was receiving a check for his foundation from the sales of the establishment's "David Wright Sandwich." Wright says he would welcome Manny as a teammate, he doesn't think the Un-Amazins' need to back up the truck and start from scratch.

Wright says (at the 3:55 mark) that Jerry Manuel is 100% the right guys for this ball club. "He's a winner and he believes in his philosophy."

The Mets franchise player, who won a silver slugger award, a gold glove, hit 33 homers and knocked in 124 runs batted in, blames a lot of the team's failures on himself as much as anyone.

Yes, Wright struck out with a man on third and nobody out in the ninth inning of the September 24 game against the Cubs -- a crucial game the Mets lost in extra innings. But he says (at the 2:30 mark) that he doesn't fixate on these moments. He just tries to stay focused on staying prepared.

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