Wright Ready for Manny, Minaya Not So Much

David Wright would welcome mercurial slugger Manny Ramirez on the Mets with open arms, if only Omar Minaya wanted him.

Minaya hasn't even brought up Ramirez's name in talks with Mets owner Fred Wilponaccording to the Daily News.

"Omar and the baseball staff aren't interested," Jeff Wilpon told Bloomberg News Thursday.

There not interested in player who hit .332 with 37 home runs and 121 RBIs in 2008? Not interested in the 2004 World Series MVP with over 500 career home runs and a penchant for hitting in the clutch?

Minaya sidestepped questions about Ramirez on Thursday, saying his focus was on bolstering the team's starting rotation, according to the Daily News. The Mets have said they want to keep their payroll under $143 million this season, leaving them about $10 million to go after free agent pitchers like Ben Sheets and Oliver Perez.  

Ramirez is widely considered as one of the best right-handed hitters to have ever played. The Washington Heights native would be an instant hit with New York's Dominican community and his Mets jerseys would fly off the shelves.

And what about fitting his giant-sized personality into the Mets clubhouse? Wright doesn't appear concerned.

"I would be on board with Manny 100% assuming that he comes in and puts the team first and wants to be part of this thing and wants to win," Wright told the Daily News. 

It would be a shame if the Mets were unable to steal Manny away from the Los Angeles Dodgers. He would fit perfectly in left field at Citi Field. Sure, Manny comes with a lot of baggage. But he'd give the Mets something they've lacked over the last two seasons -- a player who hits well in September and October.

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