What Do Olympic Athletes Eat on ‘cheat Day'?

Ryan Lochte, swimming

Pizza and wings!


Adeline Gray, wrestling

“Rich desserts like dark chocolate or moose. I love strawberry cream pie or chocolate chip zucchini cake.”


Maggie Steffens, water polo

“If I'm indulging... I would say Chipotle or ice cream! My two guilty pleasures!”


Jordan Burroughs, wrestling

“My favorite cheat meal are definitely cinnamon sugar donuts.”


Abby Johnston, diving

“Pizza. Ice cream. Donuts.”


Emma Coburn, track and field

“If I have a big workout that goes well I'll go get a burger, chocolate malt and truffle fries. YUM!”


Kendrick Farris, weightlifting

Before every personal best, Kendrick Farris eats pancakes.


Steele Johnson, diving

“A Moutain Dew flavored slush i.e. from the gas station.”


Katelin Snyder, rowing

“Baked goods or ice cream. I love croissants, muffins, cookies, cakes... anything with lots of butter/cream. I'm not into candy or chocolate as much as I am pastries!”


Makenzie Fischer, water polo



Melissa Gonzalez, field hockey



Howard Shu, badminton

“Big Mac with Extra Large Coke and Fries. 20 McNuggets with Sweet and Sour Sauce and an Oreo McFlurry.”


Grace Luczak, rowing

“My two best friends, Ben & Jerry. Or Haagen Daz Chocolate ice cream.”

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