Ty Law: “Challenge Me”

Even though he'll only have one practice in almost a year under his belt, it looks like Ty Law is going to be on the field pretty often for the Jets tomorrow night. According to Rich Cimini of the Daily News, he'll be a part of the nickel and dime packages as an outside corner. The Patriots use a fair amount of sets with three or more receivers so we should get an idea of how sharp Law is right away.

Eric Mangini gave us a hint about Law's condition in a press conference this morning. He said Law looked "spry" in yesterday's practice. That's an odd word choice, as it makes me think of an octogenarian who is still able to drive and walk to the store without assistance, not a professional football player who may find himself covering Randy Moss in 36 hours time.

If Law were the Patriot offensive coordinator, we'd find out about his condition just as soon as Law stepped on the field.

“If I was a coach I would do the same thing,” Law said. “I would throw right at me, too. That’s part of the game. If a guy hasn’t been out there playing in almost a year…a smart coach would."

Bill Belichick's been accused of being a smart coach once or twice. It would be surprising if the Patriots didn't try to beat Law if they isolate him in single coverage outside, but it would be even less surprising if Belichick, recognizing the Jets will try to help Law out, didn't pick on Dwight Lowery all night long. He's struggled in coverage lately, giving up yards via catches and penalties, and Law's addition won't mean less of him tomorrow night.

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