Two Teams Interested in Signing Plaxico Burress?

Troubled receiver may have suitors

If you aren't on Twitter, you miss all the latest updates on possibly soon-to-be incarcerated former Giants wide receivers. Plaxico Burress is drawing interest from NFL teams, according to a pair of tweets from his agent Drew Rosenhaus.

Ran wind sprints with Plaxico Burress. There are at least 2 teams that are very serious about signing him so he has stayed in great shape. ... Plaxico got a call from an NFL head coach yesterday and he will be meeting with senior NFL executives in the near future.

As with anything said by an agent, Rosenhaus' tweets must be taken with a grain of salt. That said, it's not surprising that teams would at least explore adding a player with Burress' talents to their lineup. If Burress avoids jail time, he will be signed by someone as soon as the ink is dry on the documents setting him free.

There's no font large enough to express how big an if that is, most people charged with his crime see jail time, but there's a good chance that the Jets would be among the interested parties. There's a glaring hole at the top of the receiving depth chart which Burress would fill nicely, and Woody Johnson has already said that he wouldn't stand in anyone's way if they desired adding Burress to the roster.

There are a couple of other reasons to think the Jets might roll the dice on Burress. Other receiving options will cost a lot via trade and contract extension while Plax would be a make-good deal that wouldn't cost the Jets much unless they decided to extend the relationship. The other reason is less quantifiable, but Rex Ryan doesn't seem like the kind of coach who is cowed by the prospect of taking on a difficult player.

None of which means the Jets are one of the interested parties in Rosenhaus' tweet, just that it doesn't stretch the imagination to put them into the fray.  

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