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The Top Google Olympics Searches Are All Trying to Answer 1 Question

Searches trying to understand "ROC" have topped Google's Olympics traffic over the last week

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It appears Americans really, really want to know what exactly an ROC is and why on Earth it's doing so well at the Olympics.

As of 5:30 p.m. Monday, nine of the top 10 trending Olympic-related queries on Google over the prior week were some variation of ROC, as seen in the screenshot below -- the Russian Olympic Committee, for those who hadn't figured it out yet.

Three of the top 10 global queries were trying to answer the same question as well.

(To see the latest trending searches in real time, click here.)

The athletes competing as the ROC in Tokyo are from Russia, but due to the country's doping ban, they can't compete under their national flag or with other national symbols, and when they win gold, the Russian national anthem doesn't play.

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