The Yankees Get Lost

A group of Yankees find themselves on an island with castaways from "Lost"

The only obvious way to connect the Yankees to the TV show "Lost" would seem to be if Derek Jeter started dating Evangeline Lilly or one of the other actresses from the show. But Benny and Rafi Fine weren't particularly interested in obvious connections when they decided to drop six members of the Yankees, their action figure doppelgangers actually, into their ongoing parody of the program. 

Clever way to match the numerology of the show with that of the Yankees.

You've probably got to be a fan of the show to get much out of it, but it's pretty funny stuff. It's probably the only time you'll be able to get away with making a joke out of Thurman Munson's plane crash and Lou Gehrig's illness, a record that will hopefully go unchallenged in the future.  

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