The A-Rod Affair: Day Five

Alex Rodriguez's credibility is taking a hit because his allegations against Selena Roberts are coming up untrue. Rodriguez told Peter Gammons that the Sports Illustrated writer, whose forthcoming book about A-Rod led to the discovery of the positive 2003 test, has been stalking him and that she was even cited by police for trying to break into his Miami home.

No dice, say the Miami Beach police, who have no record of such a citation. The only record they have of Roberts was when they were called by a security guard to answer a question about whether or not the island where Rodriguez lives is public or private property. It's public property, it turns out, and there aren't any records to corroborate A-Rod's accusations against her in Coral Gables, New York City or anywhere else. 

Roberts' book promises to provide further damage to A-Rod's rep, which is why he's trying to discredit her now. When the book does hit, A-Rod may have a familiar shoulder to cry on. His ex-wife Cynthia accompanied him to the interview with Gammons, while Madonna hits the tabloids with a different man. One of their daughters was in the hospital recently, causing them to spend time together and give A-Rod a little family support. 

He's also got some support from Mets third baseman David Wright, who applauded A-Rod's admission of using steroids and believes that he's been clean since joining the Yankees. Of course, he couched that statement and others about baseball being past its steroid problems with the suggestion that he's "naive," but every little bit counts.

Finally, Hank Steinbrenner made his first comments about A-Rod, saying that he's "not angry at him at all and I support him 100 percent." Given the usual truth to bluster ratio with Little Stein, that mean's he's furious and doesn't support him at all, but time will tell.  

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