Ex-Met Roberto Alomar Hit With AIDS Sex Suit

Former Mets second baseman Roberto Alomar probably won't knock Alex Rodriguez off the back pages, but a $15 million lawsuit against him figures to draw some attention over the next few days. His former girlfriend Ilya Dall is suing him for allegedly having unprotected sex with her after he contracted AIDS.

However, the girlfriend tested negative for HIV after Alomar allegedly tested positive in 2006. The couple also did not engage in unprotected sex after the 2006 test and eventually broke up in October 2008, the Daily News reported.

Her claims are based on emotional distress allegedly caused by "AIDS phobia," according to the lawsuit. That's probably a very real fear experienced by everyone who finds out that they've had unprotected sex with someone who later tests HIV positive, but hardly seems like cause for a $15 million payout.

Alomar's lawyer would not comment on his HIV status, but called this a "totally frivolous lawsuit." Alomar himself has never said he has AIDS.

Mets bench coach Sandy Alomar, Roberto's father, said he's heard nothing about the illness, which Dall claims has progressed into full-blown AIDS.

And, for the record, John Hirschbeck, the umpire who Alomar spit at in his previous bid for notoriety, said he isn't concerned about his own health. Medical studies have proven that HIV cannot be spread through saliva.

Dall's lawsuit appears to be designed to cause Alomar maximum embarrassment. It claims that he suffered from erectile dysfunction in 2005, among several other health problems, and that Alomar was raped by two Mexican men when he was 17 while playing a baseball game in New Mexico or somewhere else in the Southwest.

Since it's all been given to the press, it seems unlikely that those revelations were enough to get Alomar to pay up. The idea that a woman who stayed with a man for two years while knowing he had AIDS is entitled to money because of her choice is equally unlikely to end up in a payday.

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