Plax's Agent Sends an E-Mail That Angers Giants

On Wednesday, all 32 teams found an e-mail from agent Drew Rosenhaus in their inboxes. The message informed them that Anquan Boldin, Plaxico Burress and Chad Johnson were all available for trades and that the teams should get in touch with Rosenhaus. The problem is that since Rosenhaus is not the general manager of the Cardinals, Giants or Bengals, he has no right to solicit trades.

That upset the Giants. Assistant G.M. Kevin Abrams replied to all and let them know that Rosenhaus had no authority to seek trades for Burress and that any communication between teams and agent would constitute tampering. Rosenhaus followed up with another e-mail that passed along the same information.

If Rosenhaus is trying to facilitate a move out of town for his client, why would he go out of his way to anger the Giants? Because he knows, despite Burress' uncertain legal future, he's representing the guy with leverage.

Burress isn't likely to have many suitors because teams don't like trading something of value for a player who might be in jail at some point in the near future. For their part, the Giants can't go into next season with designs on bringing Burress back to the team for the same reason. Furthermore, if they want to replace Burress, it would behoove them to eliminate his salary so that there's cap room enough to do everything they want to do this offseason.

That leaves cutting Burress as the most likely outcome. Even if he may be a valuable trading chip one day, the Giants can't afford to waste cap space on him until his value returns. He's been a headache for some time, but if Rosenhaus makes him into a migraine, it will ensure he's out of town sooner rather than later.

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