Plaxico Burress Doubtful for Cardinals Game

Earlier this week it looked like the Giants might have to take on the Cardinals without the services of Brandon Jacobs. The loss of one running back didn't figure to kill their chances at a win, but the worry appears to be for naught as Jacobs has been practicing the last few days. That doesn't mean their offense will be at full strength, however.

Wide receiver Plaxico Burress is not practicing Friday because of a hamstring injury, the second straight day he's missed. That makes his status quite doubtful for Sunday's game. His chances of a long career with the Giants are getting more doubtful as well.

Not because of the hamstring, mind you, but because the team keeps proving that they can win without much contribution from Burress. He has just 10 catches in the last four games, with one touchdown, and the Giant offense has put up 30 points in three of those games anyway. The running attack is obviously the team's strength, and when they do throw the ball it's clear that they don't need Burress to make plays to be successful.

Given all the behavioral issues that they've experienced with Burress this season, the Giants are going to have to decide if he's worth the trouble in the offseason. Just as they did with Jeremy Shockey, the decision will probably be that they can do without it. That move, along with the departures of Tiki Barber and Michael Strahan, has solidified the team's belief that no one player is irreplaceable. It's a dangerous theory, because you have nowhere to turn if it proves incorrect, but Burress will probably be the next test of that belief.

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