Patrick Ewing Jr. Sightings Could Mean Starbury Era is About to End

When the Knicks made Patrick Ewing Jr. their final cut of training camp, general manager Donnie Walsh expressed interest in bringing him back if the team should have an open roster spot. Ewing hasn't signed with another team, here or abroad, and hasn't thrown his name into the draft pool for the NBA's Developmental League, but hasn't been keeping a low profile. He was at the Knicks game Friday night and was spotted by reporters at the team's practice facility on Saturday.

That begs the question, why would a free agent be spending so much time around a team he doesn't play for? Well, after long last, Stephon Marbury's buyout talks appear to be gaining some momentum. It's doubtful Ewing, son of a Knick legend or not, would be so hesitant to find another job unless he was getting some strong indication that one was forthcoming. When Marbury is finally shown the door, it would open up a roster spot for Ewing. 

The Knicks can't get him into uniform soon enough. They played the Mavericks with 10 active, healthy players last night and there's little question that their lack of depth contributed to a late fade in a 124-114 overtime loss. The Knicks have been outperforming expectations thus far, but they can't continue to play with a skeleton rotation that features only David Lee and Nate Robinson getting significant minutes off the bench. Ewing's defensive skills and size would help a team that's lacking in both. 

Danilo Gallinari's injured, Malik Rose isn't any good and neither Mardy Collins nor Anthony Roberson deserve minutes over the other guards. If the team wants to make a serious run at the playoffs the interior defense needs major improvement, and the key players can't be worn down from overuse. Ewing can help in both areas, which is all the more reason to swiftly end this nonsensical relationship with Marbury.

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