Ode on a Grecian Turn

Knick headache Stephon Marbury may be heading overseas

Is the second time the charm for Stephon Marbury's European vacation?

In early December, Marbury was approached by "investors" from the Spanish basketball team Real Madrid with an offer to join them for the rest of the season. The quotation marks give away the fact that they weren't really from the team and were pranksters with unknown motivations for messing with Starbury.

Now comes word that the Greek club Olympiacos would like to have Marbury join them for some ouzo and feta. ESPN.com is reporting that the team contacted the Knicks to try and figure out what they needed to do to get Marbury on their roster. Time is of the essence as the Euroleague top 16 phase begins on Jan. 29 and Olympiacos is trying to replace the injured ex-NBAer Josh Childress on their roster before it gets underway.

Marbury recently put his offer to return $1 million in salary back on the table, but the Knicks still harbor misgivings about his joining up with a rival team and hurting them down the line. Moving him to Europe would seem like an ideal answer to that problem, especially since it opens a roster spot to use in a trade or free agent signing that can help bolster the Knicks for a playoff run.

Wednesday night's victory against the Phoenix Suns is the latest proof that the postseason is attainable, but the team needs help. They need interior defense and a backup point guard and their best chance of obtaining them is having an empty roster spot. That means sending Marbury to the land of Pericles and Aristotle   

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