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New York Yankees Manager Correctly Predicts Super Bowl LIV Score

Aaron Boone predicted the correct score in a tweet sent almost thirty minutes before kickoff

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Aaron Boone could have a career in sports betting if his job for the Yankees doesn't pan out.

The team's manager correctly guessed the outcome of Super Bowl LIV in a tweet published almost thirty minutes before kickoff.

The Kansas City Chiefs overcame a double-digit deficit to beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20.

The tweet read: "FWIW- I'm goin w the Chiefs. 31-20. #SuperBowlLIV."

Boone's guess quickly caught attention at the end of the game, with thousands reacting to the call.

But Boone had some non-believers early on, including his brother, Bret. Around the start of the game, Bret tweeted that his brother had the "wrong side" winning the game.

Bret played the good sport, tweeting a gif of Wayne and Garth, clearly praising Aaron's pre-game prediction.

Boone was hired by the Yankees in 2017.

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