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Tom Kessenich is the event director of the National Fantasy Football Championship and the NBC Sports Fantasy Football Championship. Kessenich has been the Managing Editor of Fantasy Sports Magazine since 1999 and prior to that he was an NFL beat writer for a decade. Go to NFC.NBCSports.com to find out more details about the two national events or call 800-726-9966 ext.
13284 to sign up today and reserve a spot before the events sell out.

It's been said there are no guarantees in life. For a long time I believed that was the case. After all, when I was seven, Katey Curran told me she would love me forever. That guarantee lasted less than a week after she kissed my best friend.

It was a painful lesson but it taught me the importance of not blindly trusting someone at face value.

However, in the fantasy football world there is at least one major guarantee you can bank on this season. It's the guarantee that the National Fantasy Football Championship and the NBC Sports Fantasy Football Championshipwill deliver their $100,000 grand prizes when the season comes to an end.

Last week, NFFC founder Greg Ambrosius announced that both events had guaranteed the grand prizes. This was not a surprise to our veteran participants who have been with us for several years and are well-versed in our proven history of guaranteed prize money. But given the uncertain climate in the fantasy industry this year due to events involving other contests, having that type of guarantee carries a lot of weight. It's our way of telling you, the fantasy player, that these events are not only going to be the most exciting live event of the year but the prize money will be there and you should you grab hold of some of it when the season comes to an end.

Had Katey Curran given me that kind of guarantee, perhaps my young heart would not have been broken. But I digress.

So if you're still considering signing up for one of our events or even both this news should get you off the fence. This is the industry's only event which features not one, but two live events on the same day in four cities providing fantasy owners the opportunity to compete for a $100,000 grand prize. And did I mention there's a $1 million bonus should you win both national events? That's right, if you emerge as the national champion you not only would receive a pair of $100,000 checks but a cool $1 million as well.

Whether you come to Las Vegas, New York, Orlando or Chicago, this is an opportunity to test your fantasy mettle against great competition in an exciting environment with prize money paid out for the top three spots in each league, the top eight spots in the overall competition as well as four spots in the consolation bracket. So there are plenty of ways to make money in our events.

If a 14-team format is to your liking, then NFFC is the event for you. If you prefer a 12-team league, then the NBC Sports event is the one you should gravitate toward. Or if you believe you can fare well in either format, then you could sign up for both events and become one of over 130 participants planning on taking part in fantasy football's only national doubleheader.

What more could you ask for?

How about more guarantees about the upcoming fantasy football season? It just so happens I have a few of them as well:

I guarantee that the Green Bay Packers won't get out of September before plenty of fans will be wondering why they kicked Brett Favre out of town like week-old garbage.

I guarantee Ryan Grant and Earnest Graham will outperform their draft positions.

I guarantee Adrian Peterson won't.

I guarantee the owners who get Steve Smith after the third round due to his suspension will be thrilled they got him at such great value.

I guarantee the owners who are banking on Jay Cutler being a Top 10 fantasy QB will be frustrated at how badly he's going to struggle without Brandon Marshall.

I guarantee that Ted Ginn Jr. will be a fine late-round pick in PPR formats.

I guarantee the people who believe this is the year Santana Moss stays injury free and goes off will be disappointed.


I guarantee the owners who get Santonio Holmes, Dwayne Bowe and Jerricho Cotchery will be elated.

I guarantee that if another wide receiver supplants Randy Moss as the top fantasy option at the position this year it will be Braylon Edwards.

I guarantee Darren McFadden will be a Top 20 RB in PPR formats this year.

I guarantee Ronnie Brown owners will have a few weeks of excitement only to see him lose carries to Ricky Williams and suffer an injury.


I guarantee that, barring an injury to Michael Turner, Jerious Norwood won't be any more involved in the Atlanta offense than he has been in seasons past.

And finally, I guarantee that if you sign up today for one or both of our two national events, you will not regret your decision and you will become a repeat participant in our events in the years to come.

Did I mention we have a national baseball event too? But that's a guarantee
for another day.

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