Lil Wayne Calls Rafael Nadal Win at U.S. Open

Jailed rapper a “huge” fan of top-ranked tennis star, pens love letter for game

From Rikers with love. 

Rapper Lil Wayne has penned a handwritten love letter for tennis and Rafael Nadal in particular from his prison cell on Rikers Island in New York.

“I genuinely appreciate this opportunity to express my love for tennis,” wrote the "Lolliop" artist and blogger in the letter to Sports Illustrated. “One of the main reasons I enjoy the sport so much is because when I actually tried to play, it was unbelievably difficult. So ever since I’ve been drawn to the great talents of the game.”

The hip-hop star and New Orleans native, who has about two months left to serve of a yearlong sentence for gun possession, said he’s a “huge” fan of top-ranked Nadal. Wayne, real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., said he expects the Spanish great to win the U.S. Open.

“He already became the 2nd youngest player to win 8 major titles before the age of 25 … even while battling knee tendinitis, he’s still ranked #1,” Wayne wrote.

Wayne listed Nadal's top threats as Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic Andy Roddick and Andy Murray. Murray “scares me the most,” he added.

“Even still I say ‘Nadal wins it all,’” Wayne wrote.

With the tennis tourney set to begin next week, Wayne predicted Kim Clijisters would emerge victorious for the women.

Lil Wayne’s latest single, “Right Above It,” was released earlier this month and made No. 6 on the charts this week, SI reported.

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