Nate Robinson's Shooting Himself Out of a Job

Prepare yourself, Knicks fans, for one of the most laughable headlines that you'll ever see.

Knicks' Robinson Trying to Regain Confidence

It's actually from Newsday, not The Onion. It's far too daunting a task for a human mind to try and compute just how many bad shots and self-destructive drives Robinson would take if his self-esteem were higher. According to Roderick Boone, the author of the article, Robinson, who averages nearly 13 shots in 29 minutes, has been passing on more shots of late because he doesn't trust his ability. Better news the Knicks have not had in quite a while.

The Knicks are 4-6 in January, and in all four victories Robinson has shot fewer than 10 times. He's taken at least 10 shots in all of the losses. That's a pretty simple equation to figure out if you'd like to see the Knicks win more games this season. Since the only thing he's prepared to do when he gets the ball is shoot, if his shot isn't falling he offers the team nothing of value. Simply put, the more Robinson plays, the worse it is for the Knicks. 

That makes the question of re-signing him this offseason a pretty simple one. Don't do it and save your dough. Wilson Chandler, Chris Duhon and Danilo Gallinari have the making of a solid core that can thrive in a system that prides ball movement as much as the one they're running under Mike D'Antoni. David Lee, who is also a restricted free agent after the season, could be added if the price is right or he could be dealt for other useful parts if you want to really keep the payroll down.

Unless there's a dramatic change, that's the path for the Knicks to follow. Robinson can become the sideshow for someone else's circus.

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