Nate Robinson's Antics Rankle Post Writer

The New York Post's Knicks beat writer Marc Berman took Nate Robinson to task in a blog post today. It's titled "Nate's a Loser," and outlines the pint-sized hot dog's hand behind his head layup in the first half of Thursday's loss to the Mavericks.

Moments later a timeout was called and you could see the Knicks' players laughing as Robinson came to the bench ... If the Knicks had a leader - and they don't - someone would've told Robinson to cut that stuff out, our team is well below .500, save it for the Slam-Dunk competition because all it does is tick off our more established opponent.

It boggles the mind that Berman has been watching Robinson play for his entire career and can still muster the contempt to write a post like that. Since his first day with the Knicks, Robinson's been more interested in making highlight reel shots and padding his own stat count than anything having to do with team play. Scream about the lack of a leader all you like, but if the Knicks had more than one or two talented players at any point in the last three years, Robinson would either be anchored to the bench or plying his trade in another city.

The classic line about players like Robinson who lack height and make it to the NBA is that if they were taller they'd be All-Stars. It's bogus in Robinson's case. If he were taller, and played the same selfish game, he'd never have made it this far. Whatever he's gotten is because he's confident and knows that he has to stand out individually or he'll get ignored because of his height. Applaud him for that, because he's gotten quite far, but, when you do, realize that his continued role as member of the Knicks core is a big reason why 35 wins would be considered a good season at Madison Square Garden.

 Whatever you do, though, stop being outraged by things that are never going to change. You'll be much happier that way.

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