Facebook Data Show Mets Are Living in a Yankees World

It's not just that New York is a Yankees town. The news is way worse for beleaguered fans of the New York Mets -- the United States is a Yankees nation, according to an analysis of Facebook data. 

Facebook used the amount of "likes" on Major League Baseball's team pages to gauge each team's appeal on a county-by-county level nationwide.

The Yankees are the most liked team in New York -- and, in fact, the country, according to the data shared on Today.com.

The map shows the Yankees have not only the most fans in New York but have a following from Alaska to Hawaii. The Mets aren't even the most popular team in Queens, according to the Facebook analysis.  

The Mets were one of three teams that failed to win over fans in even just one single county. The Oakland Athletics also have the dubious distinction. The Toronto Blue Jays also failed to win a county, which may be easier to take for their fans since the team is based in Canada.

The Mets open their season today at Citi Field with all the hope of a 0-0 record. Maybe this could be the year they win back Queens. 

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