Kerry Rhodes Isn't a Jay Cutler Fan

When the Broncos slapped the Jets around at the Meadowlands in November, Jay Cutler spent some time yapping at members of Gang Green's defense. Kerry Rhodes, a leader of the unit that was lit up for 357 passing yards, said Thursday that Cutler's behavior made the prospect of his acquisition an unhappy one.

"I took some onus on that ...Me and Jay just don't get along too well right now," said Rhodes. "He can make a lot of things happen on the field. We saw him do it against us. I don't know if that means I want him, but he's a good player."

Cutler's mouth and personality, euphemistically described as brash, have not made him a particularly popular guy around the league. His ability, though, has kept him from becoming the second coming of Ryan Leaf. A big arm that has turned into big numbers at an age where his best days are still in front of him.

While Cutler's avoided Leaf's fate, he may still end up as the next Jeff George. Like Cutler, George had a fantastic arm and was blessed with a personality that most people found less than charming. That personality didn't allow him to blossom into the leader that everyone wants in a quarterback, and that inability to lead is a big reason why George only played in three playoff games over his career.

Thing is, though, that someone always wanted George. The move was never borne of a deep desire to add George, but was always because the team didn't have a better option in house. That may be the spot the Jets are in with Cutler, who, it must be said, has played better than George thus far in his career. 

That's the judgment the Jets have to make about Kellen Clemens and Brett Ratliff. Are they in a spot where they need a helping hand? If they think they are, they can't be overly concerned with the manner in which it is provided.

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