Jets Going Back on No Upper Deck PSLs?

$500 per seat deposit due 15 months before new stadium opens

When the Giants and Jets announced their plans to sell personal seat licences to their shared new stadium, the Jets earned some praise for their decision not to charge an upfront fee for seats in the upper deck. The whole concept of PSLs, basically using the fans to repay debt on building a new stadium, but it sits a little better if the feeling is that only the people with the best seats are getting hit with the charges.

It was a bit surprising, then, to hear a report on 1010 WINS radio which indicated that the Jets were asking fans who sit in the upper deck for $500 a seat. According to the report, the money is a deposit, which isn't all that odd when you're buying season tickets. What is odd is that they're asking for the money 15 months ahead of the first regular season games at the new stadium, with a whole season to be played and paid for before those games are even on the horizon. 

That smells a lot like a PSL, even if the money is being used against the cost of the tickets for the 2010 season. It would be strange that the Jets would go back on their promise after garnering such a good response for their earlier decision, so perhaps there's another explanation. 

Could the Jets be looking to secure the sale of those seats ahead of the game because of the current state of the economy? It doesn't make it any better, but it would make sense from their standpoint to have those tickets all squared away instead of finding out in a year's time that you have to sell a lot more tickets than you originally thought.  

The Jets haven't made any comment about this as yet, so we can't be sure if they've gone back on their word or just made an odd request of their fans.

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