How Eddy Curry Is Spending Summer Vacation

He's in better shape, but still baffling

In Tuesday's New York Times, Howard Beck relates some positive comments from Knicks G.M. Donnie Walsh about Eddy Curry's efforts to get back into shape after he essentially skipped last season because of a variety of physical woes. A healthy Curry would certainly help the Knicks, one way or the other, but no one should think that Curry is spending all of his time in the gym.

He's also going to see movies and getting pulled over by the cops, which you'd know if you were a zealous follower of his Twitter account. On multiple occasions in June, Curry has tweeted to let followers know that he was about to start broadcasting "The Eddy Curry Show" live via his webcam. The first session took a strange turn when Curry decided to go see "The Hangover," although he left the camera on to broadcast a collection of strange sounds in his absence.

Early Tuesday morning he was at it again. This time his video stream found him and Nuggets guard J.R. Smith in a car where they were being questioned by a police officer. Sadly, no copy of the video is available at the moment but Jeff Lenchiner, editor-in-chief of, watched and files the following report.

The cop then left their car area. I assume he went back to a police car, perhaps to call in looking for information about the driver, car, etc. For the next 10 or 12 minutes I sat watching in amusement as the four guys sat cracking jokes waiting for the police officer to return. It was like watching a sports celebrity episode of the TV show “Cops.” ... I’m not positive but I believe the officer said something about a suspended licence. Then, I thought I heard them say that they got pulled over for speeding, though I’m not positive. ... A bit later, around 4:35 a.m. ET, after being away from my computer for about 15 minutes, I went back to their stream, and the webcam was back on, with the buddies driving along and the earlier police issue apparently resolved in some way. But now, Curry is drivin, with Smith in the front passenger seat.

So that's that. 

It would certainly make for an unexpected and pleasant plot twist if a future episode of "The Eddy Curry Show" featured Curry scoring 15 points and blocking a couple of shots to lead the Knicks to victory. All of the talk about his being in better shape is more positive than what we were hearing this time last year, but that doesn't make an increased role on the team a done deal.

Maybe that's the wrong way to look at his offseason work, though. Perhaps his web show gets him a network deal, leading to his retirement from the NBA and the elimination of his salary from the Knicks cap. There's more than one way to skin a cat.

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