How Does Favre's Shoulder Affect Jets Coaching Search?

The report that Brett Favre has a torn biceps tendon in his right arm is relatively good news for the quarterback. He won't need anything more than arthroscopic surgery to repair the wing, and the report indicates that surgery might not even be required if he wants to return to the Jets in 2009.

The injury news would seem to make another year for Favre more likely, especially since the Jets said that he could take as much time as he wants to decide about his future. That will be a few weeks, at least until the Jets hire a coach and Favre speaks to him about his plans for the future.

How much will Favre's potential decision impact the coaching search? Bill Cowher wouldn't appear to be a guy who would want to spend his first year catering to Favre while trying to build for the future, but he may make his peace with it and start looking for someone to develop behind the starter. Steve Spagnuolo has never dealt with offense before, making him a wild card, and Marty Schottenheimer would seem to be the most likely to see Favre as a plus. His son is already the offensive coordinator, which would give the team some continuity on that side of the ball.

Whether or not that's a good thing is debatable, but it would probably be to Favre's liking. It's a safe assumption that he wouldn't want to play in a third offense in three years, and whatever problems he reportedly had with Eric Mangini didn't extend to the younger Schottenheimer. Does that mean whoever takes over as coach would be keeping him to run the offense? Would their offensive vision be compromised by Favre's uncertain status?

The question about Favre's injury have been answered. The questions about the Jets keep mounting.

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