Carl Banks May Need to Bounce Some Radio Hosts

WFAN's Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts engage in war of words with Philly sports talk radio hosts

Even the Giants and Eagles sports talk radio hosts don't seem to get along.

Things got personal in a hurry when WFAN radio host Evan Roberts endured a flurry of insults when he appeared as a guest on Philadelphia's WIP earlier this week to promote a simulcast between the two stations on Friday in advance of the Giants-Eagles Divisional Playoff game. WIP hosts Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow opened the interview playing the music to "90210" in a shot at the age of the 25-year-old Roberts.

Gagliano and Macknow continued their barrage of insults by taking shots at his online biography, which states he lives in New York with his cat named "Freedom. " Roberts said the Philly hosts could insult him now, but they'd be spending Monday trashing Donovan McNabb and head coach Andy Reid after a Giants victory.

Roberts' cohost Joe Benigno jumped into the fray and quickly lost his temper after Gargano and Macnow said he never covered big events and rarely left his basement. Benigno called Macnow an "ass." Roberts took things a step further when he called Gargano a "New York reject" and refered to the City of Brotherly Love as the "enema of the entire United States."

WFAN host Mike Francesa had to play the adult and announce that none of the talk would turn to fighting with former Giants linebacker and WFAN football analyst Carl Banks on hand.  Francesa said Banks would "clear the room" if things got out of hand.

Roberts, Binigno, and Banks previewed Sunday's game on the air with WIP’s Gargano, Macnow and former Eagle All-Pro Ike Reese in a radio simulcast on Friday in New Jersey.

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