Why Are People Still Defending Brett Favre?

If there is something I've learned in my brief time with the NFL FanHouse group, it is this -- people get as heated when you criticize Brett Favre as they do when people bring up politics in casual conversation.

Well Favre lovers, I'd toss down that handful of Gouda and get ready, because some Brett bashing is about to begin.

Earlier on "Pardon The Interruption," (and yes, that is me admitting that at times I watch "Pardon The Interruption") Ron Jaworski was asked about the Jets fans booing Favre. A reasonable person would agree that booing a quarterback that hasn't eclipsed a passer rating of 76 in the past three weeks, and has thrown twice as many interceptions (7) than touchdowns (3) over that stretch deserves a little hazing.

The guy was downright dreadful in the first half against the Kansas City Chiefs, almost causing his squad to fall to a team without their star running back and with Tyler Thigpen as an integral part of the offense.

What did Jaws say when Michael Wilbon asked about the booing? "Brett Favre does not deserve to get booed," as Tony Kornheiser, in all seriousness, replied, "Yeah baby." This is the moment when I call Jaworski another biased member of the media. Favre deserves to get booed, shunned, ridiculed, egged or at the least given a mean look if you're a fan of football.

The guy has had one great game this season, one decent one and five forgettable ones. He is tied with Derek Anderson for most interceptions in the league. His Jets lost to Oakland last week. The guy is even being accused of calling the Detroit Lions and spilling the beans about his old team. He's almost 40, not four, right?

Earlier today Boomer Esiason said on his radio show that the Jets fans are completely justified in their animosity towards number 4. Esiason's points are actually valid.

Esiason described some of Favre's recent interceptions as "horrendous," and that he looks like he's struggling in the Jets offense.

In a few cases, Esiason believes that Favre was "completely just throwing the ball up and hoping" that a teammate would catch it. Boomer cited the fact that Favre is older than his head coach as a reason for Eric Mangini's difficulties in controlling Favre. At one point, Boomer suggested (jokingly, we think) that Mangini might not have had a job on Monday if receiver Laveranues Coles hadn't made a bobbling, one-handed catch on a fade-stop-style route for the game-winning score.

It takes a little chutzpah for one former quarterback to call out another, but at least Boomer gets it.

Favre had an amazing year last year with the Packers, taking them to a place nobody thought was possible with the personnel surrounding Brett. The key word in that sentence is "last year."

Just because the guy is a "legend" doesn't mean he gets a free pass on bad games. How is anyone ever going to change if all they're told is how good they are?

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