Tony Kornheiser Is a Huge Brett Favre Fan

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Heading into Monday Night's contest between the New York Jets and San Diego Chargers, ESPN's Tony Kornheiser made no apologies for the fact he was going to talk about Brett Favre, because, well, he loves Brett Favre.

In case you missed the live chat (where were you?) I decided to take it upon myself to keep track of how many times Kornheiser referenced Favre by name. I did this because, well, I was curious, and because I have an alarmingly large amount of spare time.

The final tally for Kornheiser: 22 references to Favre. On the surface, that doesn't seem like all that many over the course of a 60-minute football game. When you consider he referenced all other players in the game, by name, a total of only 11 times, it's hilarious

In related news, the crew referenced the fact Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers had a Brett Favre poster on his wall growing up six times. Ron Jaworski reminded us that the Jets offense is "a work in progress" three times, and he referred to one pass by Brett Favre as, "almost Favre-like."

Hey, I do it for the people.

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