The World's Gone Mad: Someone Pays $400,000 to Watch the New York Jets

When the Jets trotted out Donald Trump to promote their auction of personal seat licenses for their new stadium, you knew they were going for the highest prices the football world had ever seen. Mission accomplished.

At an "auction launch party," the team auctioned off a pair of front-row, 50-yard line seats for $200,000 a pop, breaking the record set by the Cowboys who got $150,000 for a PSL to their new stadium. All that scratch doesn't actually get you the tickets, those'll run you $14,000 more a year, but it does get you free food, soft drinks, a parking spot and a private entrance away from the unscrubbed rabble that will fill the rest of the stadium. You'll also get a chance to watch the game from just behind the Jet bench and access to the postgame press conferences.

Nothing could possibly go wrong when you mix Jets fans, alcohol and close access to players and coaches. Especially when the team puts together a gem of a performance like the one they turned in against Oakland yesterday. Imagine what the tickets would go for if the team could actually turn in a decent performance against the dregs of the league?

For anyone wondering how someone could pony up those funds given the economic difficulties affecting our fair nation, you'll doubtlessly be heartened to learn that the buyer is described as a "mortgage mogul." Not only do your tax dollars go to building these remarkable stadiums but they also get to clean up the messes made by those who take up the very best seats. America!

(H/T Deadspin)

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