The Palin Puck Drop Comes to St. Louis

As was originally reported by St. Louis Game Time, Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be dropping the ceremonial first puck tomorrow night at the Scottrade Center before the Blues host the LA Kings.

You know, because the first puck drop in Philadelphia worked out so well.

As you might expect, there are individuals who are already planning to make sure the Governor gets the "proper" reception. Here's one diarist from The Daily Kos:

I think it's wrong for these NHL teams to be forcing someone who has been so willfully divisive down their fans throats. I've heard of Flyers fans canceling season tickets.

But if any of you St. Louis area Blues fans can get it together, it'd be GREAT if, instead of boos, the Blues fans greeted Palin with:


Get it done Blues fans!

No doubt, the fight over how to interpret the reaction of the crowd will begin mere moments after she steps on the ice. Politics can be so edifying, can't it?

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