Stephon Marbury Watched the Most Recent Presidential Debate in a Homeless Shelter

There are ample reasons to dislike Stephon Marbury. He has generally been a petulant whiner most of his career, and he is nearly always doing something absurd or crazy.

But there are also many reasons to love him. (As you can see, I'm quite torn.) He gets giant numbers tattooed on his head -- which is just aesthetically pleasing -- and he sells his shoes for like $10. And then there's this fascinating nugget of cultural behavior: He went to a homeless shelter on the Bowery to watch the most recent Presidential Debate.

He kept his eyes on the tiny TV, laughing and scoffing along with the residents as McCain spoke-Marbury does a pretty good imitation of the senator-and smiling when it was Obama's turn. "Look at Obama," Marbury said, pointing at the screen. "You feel him. We feel him. You can feel his spirit when he speaks." At one point, when the debate turned to the economy, Marbury snorted. "Middle class? We don't have a middle class anymore." As the millionaire said those words, the homeless agreed. "I love Starbury," an excited resident said, referring to Marbury's affordable sneaker and clothing line. "I can get hot shoes for like $30. Jordan wants me to pay $100." Others gave him career advice. "Hey, you know, I see you doing good in the sixth-man role," one resident offered. "It's just a game," Marbury answered, pointing at the screen. "There's more to life."

Wow. I mean, I've been on record as calling Marbury crazy, but I'm genuinely touched by the coolness of this act.

Legally insane or not, how many millionaires will go to a homeless shelter and hang out to watch the debates? Granted, it's probably the best place to get a reasonable touch on the problematic pulse of America, but still, it's not something you will see happening every day.

Additionally, it has to be noted that Marbury is firmly on the comeback trail right now. (I think he's comeback material, right?) Nine points on three for three shooting with six assists for the point guard last night and word on the street is that Jamal Crawford is heading to the bench. So clearly Mike D'Antoni doesn't listen to the homeless.

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