Stephon Marbury Might Have Found A Way Out of New York, Via Greece

Okay, so by now you've probably had it up to here with Stephon Marbury coverage. Will he take the buyout, won't he take the buyout, will he go to the Celtics, will he got to the moon, will he sing a song of sixpence, will he continue to complain about the Knicks' refusal to release him while still refusing to take a cut on his buyout, you've heard the gamut.

Well, we just might have the ending to this thing.

No, really. Wait. Come back. Hear us out.

ESPN is reporting that the head-tattooed one is the subject of discussions between Greek club Olympiacos and the Knicks. Wowzers.

The ways in which this is perfect are plentiful. Marbury has always had a soft spot for the idea of playing overseas, particularly Italy, and this could at least provide him a way into European ball. This lands Olympiacos another star NBA player to tout without stepping on the NBA's toes. And most importantly, it gives the Knicks a fiscally responsible way to get out of this situation and save face.

Some, like our own Nate Jones, think the Knicks have completely blown this situation. But there's also something to admire about the fact that Mike D'Antoni and Donnie Walsh have refused to let a malcontent take their money for nothing. There's been so many calls for a quick solution, yet if you're going to pay Marbury regardless, why not hold out hope for a cheaper solution? It's not like he's affecting the club at this point. They're not a good team, but they can beat some teams (like Phoenix, for example) and are definitely more exciting to watch. They've set themselves up for the 2010 auction block, and aren't losing anything by holding out for a cheaper solution. And if Olympiacos comes in and helps barter a buyout, this means they save some dough and get rid of him.

Here's hoping Olympiacos goes through with this. Lord knows we could all use a break from the Marbury story. Especially Marbury.

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