Starbury: I Have Earned My $22 Million

Stephon Marbury has earned his $22 million salary, folks. Also, his heart is too pure and his spirit is too clean to have anything but love for anyone. At least that's what he tells WNBC's Bruce Beck in this rather packed interview. It's a long one, but worth it. (Dropping state mottos like what!)

The news hook here is a repeat from a few days ago: Starbury won't be signing any buy-out. If the Knicks want him gone, they need to find a trade partner or waive him at full salary. Marbury says he has earned his $22 million (which makes him the 7th highest paid player), and he won't be taking a penny less.

Throughout, Marbury's sounds smart and, for lack of a better word, fixed. But he sounded pretty on-board last summer, getting excited about the Zach Randolph acquisition and talking about how God had changed his life. Not a month into the season, he had some level of massive beef with Isiah Thomas, reportedly ditched the team and reportedly blackmailed Isiah by telling folks that he had "too much [stuff]" on the coach to be done dirty. So, should we really believe Starbury this time around?

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