Seton Hall Bruises but Loses to Marquette

In a very physical and surprisingly defensive battle, Marquette was able to get past Seton Hall 61-56. Marquette spent most of the game trailing Seton Hall, before taking the lead with under 6. The Golden Eagles briefly were able to break out and get baskets in transition, while Seton Hall went cold. Marquette went on a 16-6 run over 8 minutes about halfway through the second half to take the lead and the game.

It should have been easier for Marquette. Seton Hall was without guard Paul Gause, the Pirates best defender. Gause broke a knuckle in his not-shooting hand last week. Marquette with its trio of guards plus Acker and Cubillan off the bench should have been able to overwhelm Seton Hall on the perimeter and off the dribble.

Instead, the Golden Eagles had a second straight game of poor shooting. They shot below 33% and showed little flow or consistency. Marquette's guards shot 14-45. Marquette also struggled with the way the game was called. The officials spent most of the game letting the teams play and not calling much contact inside. That allowed Seton Hall to stay in the game. The Pirates were able to clog the inside with their big men without picking up too many fouls off of drives or dishes inside when the shots were contested.

Ultimately, the short bench of Seton Hall caught up to them. Jamar Nutter fouled out before the 4 minute mark . Nutter was the only Seton Hall player to make a three in the game, which meant Marquette was able to crowd inside on defense to prevent Seton Hall from getting the ball in the paint.

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