Sean Avery Gives Finger to Camera Crew

You gotta love Sean Avery and I'm sure the folks at NHL HQ are learning to love him too. When it comes to publicity, Avery is the gift that keeps on giving.

The latest example: When a camera crew from WNBC-TV, the local NBC affiliate in New York, came down to Rangers practice yesterday to do a feature in the wake of the league's creation of the Avery Rule ... ok, I'll let the New York Daily News explain:

During practice Tuesday, WNBC-TV cameras caught Avery simulating his Brodeur "face guard" by waving his stick. When Avery realized he was "caught," he shot his middle finger in the direction of the Ch. 4 camera and mouthed something.

That crazy, Sean, there he goes again. Click here to see the clip in question as it originally ran on local TV in New York last night, and thanks to our friends at FanIQ for pointing us at the YouTube scrape from TSN. In any case, I hope the crew from WNBC-TV didn't take it personally. After all, it isn't as if Avery hasn't resorted the flipping the bird at the media before.

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