Random Thoughts During Eagles-Giants

Here are a few random thoughts during the Eagles-Giants game that have absolutely nothing to do with anything ... besides questionable commercials, comedians and commentators.

-- The "safety" symbol has to be the most fun motion to make in sports. Honestly, whenever a safety occurs, every defender on the field tosses up the safety symbol. I think it is like the "fist blow up" thing from three years ago. Everyone loved doing that.

-- Did Eli Manning call his brother and ask him, "How do you do that 'God, I can't believe my kicker sucks this bad,' face?" Because he sure has perfected it.

-- Do you think Jesus points back when athletes stick their finger towards the sky after a good play?

-- My buddy used to always ask the question, "What would you rather have happen, have someone shoot you up close with a gun in a non-deadly area (like your pinkie), or have Ray Lewis run at you from 40 yards away and hit you while you're not wearing pads?" I think I might change it from Ray-Ray to Brandon Jacobs.

-- If you were standing at the counter at a gas station and some guy came up telling you that you were purchasing the wrong beer, wouldn't you just buy what you wanted anyway?

-- I love that Taco Bell has come up with a commercial that basically promotes not tipping people. I'm sure the service industry, which has struggled just as much as anyone since the economy hit the crapper, is really loving Taco Bell right now.

-- People have joked about how corny the FOX pregame show is, but here is my question: Do they have a countdown when they are coming back to the studio from that Frank Caliendo segment so that they can warm up their laughter? I sure hope so.

-- The Donovan McNabb interception in the first half was basically the exact same pass Kerry Collins threw for an interception against Baltimore. Back foot, nowhere to go, throws it up anyway.

-- I really think I could beat Donovan in the 40-yard dash.

-- Chris Myers gave us a halftime report with 11 minutes left in the third. Maybe next time avoid the word "halftime."

-- Somehow, Troy Aikman saying "Hank Baskett did a good job at sealing the edge" comes off as dirty to me. Stupid Kendra, ruined Baskett forever for me.

--If you get upset about a quarterback joking around when the game is over, then you take your job (and life) a little too seriously.

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