One of LeBron's Rebounds Should Have Been Credited to Ben Wallace

The 52-point, 10 rebound, 10 assist show that LeBron James put on for the fine people of New York on Wednesday was spectacular any way you slice it -- even if he really finished one rebound shy of that elusive triple double after all. While the MSG scorekeeper did indeed credit LeBron with 10 rebounds, check out this clip of number nine, which actually was hauled in by Ben Wallace.

Wallace clearly got that rebound: he had it controlled with one hand, and when David Lee got a little too close, he flipped it to LeBron. You can even hear Mike Breen say "Wallace -- the rebound," before Clyde Frazier looks at his stat monitor and sees that the scorekeeper gave it to James.

This takes nothing away from LeBron's performance; it was completely off the charts, especially considering that he was battling a leg cramp off and on in the second half. James has accomplished plenty in his career, and he'll accomplish a lot more before he's through. All I'm saying is, let's not give him credit for something like a triple double when he really didn't earn it on his own.

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